I Know This Isn't a Recipe...

But it's totally food-related.  I swear.

So, this last weekend I headed back to St. Louis for a bridal shower.  It was the first bridal shower I have ever been to, and it coincidentally was also my own. 

The outpouring of kindness was completely overwhelming.  I received so many kind gifts and sincere wishes, many from people whom know my family more than me personally.  It was such a wonderful day.  Not to mention, I got so many kitchen goodies, I can barely keep my composure thinking about it.  Seriously, wedding showers are way better than birthdays-- nobody sings to you, you're not getting any older, and everything you get is incredibly useful [and often kitchen-related :) ]. 

While I haven't been posting a ton of new recipes just yet, I have certainly been cooking, a lot.  The recipes should follow soon.  Until then, you can look at all the pretty things I got for my kitchen.  They make me giddy.

New whisks, mixing bowls, spice bottles, a Vitamix, glasses, bowls, a mandolin slicer, cutting boards... that's just the beginning of the list!

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  1. Crazy! The first you've been too! Well I bet it won't be your last.. ;). For others I mean ;). So glad you got things you are excited about. I did a fill the pantry shower, they gave me recipes with ingredients and tools to use, it was so fun, and useful.
    Hopefully Eli will make your birthdays just as good...or try at least.



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