Sweet Chili Roasted Broccoli

Ever had P.F. Chang's Spicy Green Bean appetizer?  If you haven't, you should.  Or you can just make this broccoli and not go through the trouble of getting off the couch, changing out of your sweatpants, and driving to your local P.F. Changs.  Wait, you're not wearing sweatpants, you say?  Well, the kitchen is still closer than P.F. Changs.  This broccoli has all the same delicious flavors of their green beans; the sweetness balances impeccably with the salty spiciness of the chili paste.  This broccoli makes an excellent side, or if you're not a carnivore like me, a healthy serving of this deliciousness over brown rice makes an incredibly satisfying meal.  Now, how do I say "bon apétite" in Chinese?

Miso Egg Drop Soup

In celebration of the first day of summer I made soup... Logical, I know.  Maybe in celebration of July I'll make ice cream or something that is actually seasonally appropriate.  For now, I'm making a salty, satisfying vegetarian egg drop soup recipe.  Happy summer folks.


Coconut French Toast with Mango Sauce

Alas, I feel like I have been neglecting my dear little blog.  With moving, working full-time again, and being separated from my kitchen, I just haven't cooked as much as usual.  When I do cook, it is to quell my hunger, and half of whatever I made is usually gone before the thought to photograph it crosses my mind.  Not to mention, while I do make a killer sandwich... sandwiches aren't particularly bloggable.  (Yes, bloggable is an adjective, thank you) And I have been eating a lot of sandwiches lately...  As a result, I simply haven't had a lot to blog.  Then, last week I threw this recipe together for breakfast when my dear sir was in town.  It was tasty and easy, finally bloggable. Using coconut milk makes the french toast rich and delicious, while adding a naturally satisfying sweetness.  And let's face it, fruit sauce makes anything better.  Plus, the coconut milk added to the sauce reduces down to to be divinely creamy.  I would eat the sauce alone with a spoon and be satisfied, but french toast tastes much better than a spoon :)


Mango Blueberry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

If I was a character in a comic strip, I think I would be The Midnight Baker.  (If 2am Baker had a better ring to it, that title may be more accurate...)  My superhero costume would be my ruffly apron, and I would combat evil with my spatula.  It will be great.  Anyhow, this title is appropriate because when I get bored past 9 o'clock, I bake.  And baking leads to eating, so good thing these mini muffins are pretty healthy.  They boast whole wheat flour, oats, limited fats, AND they are bursting with juicy mangoes and succulent blueberries.


Asian Chicken & Rice

 One of my least favorite things in the world is doing dishes.  If there were such thing as disposable pots and pans, I would be all over them.  Seriously, after spending a bunch of time preparing dinner, the last thing I want to do is turn around and clean up after it.  When I'm feeling particularly lazy, I opt for a recipe like this, it utilizes one cutting board, one pan, and only a bowl and spoon/fork to chow down.  Perfect for those lazy days, and quite tasty.  I've never thought to cook rice in soy sauce before, it's awesome.  The small amount goes a long way to add flavor and salty goodness.  It's also a super versatile recipe.  You can sub beef or tofu for the chicken, or toss in some steamed broccoli to amp up the veggie-meter.  


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